Danger in the Desert!

Posted: 13th February 2014

So it was a simple plan, the wife told me I was to be in sole control of the twins for two hours whilst she went to Cheeky Monkeys with Fred and Anna (our nanny) went to renew her UAE visa.

Great, I thought, two hours of peace and quiet to look after my boys and write a blog. Oh David, how naive you still are! Forty minutes of bouncing them in their bouncers followed by an hour and a half of feeding/winding left me with precisely nothing written at all, so I write this in the calm of the late evening now that the Howell clan has retired for the night, well for the next three hours to be more... MORE »

Bring on 2014

Posted: 6th January 2014

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for sticking with the world's most un-regular blog. You can imagine what my New Year's resolution might be so at least I’m off to a fast start.

As I write this I have just taken off from Dubai International and flown over the world and the palm - still quite a sight to behold every time you see them from the air - on my way to Durban in South Africa for the Volvo Golf Champions event.

I would like to say I am well rested but that would be a lie as proven by the fact that I am missing an hour of my life from Sunday. I cannot recall anything about collecting my bags... MORE »

Double delight

Posted: 25th October 2013

So it's Friday afternoon in Shanghai after round two of the BMW Masters, the first instalment of the all new Final Series, leading into the DP World Tour Championship.

I’m currently 51st after two rounds but that doesn’t tell the whole story as 18 days ago I said to the wife: "I’m just going to the gym for an hour whilst Freddie is asleep." "Seriously?" she replied, "You have just won your first tournament in seven years, can't you just have a day off?"  "It’s just an hour," I said, "I can't get lazy all of a sudden just because I’ve won again - where would that get me?"

So off I go to the gym and within 15 minutes I have... MORE »

24 - Howeller style

Posted: 2nd March 2013

The following events took place over 24 hours on Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th of February 2013 in the ISM offices, Cheshire, England and Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3 starting at 13.00 UAE time. The characters are real. The next 24 hours will be the longest of David Howell’s life….

1300 UAE time: 23hrs 59 mins remaining…

I queue briefly behind David Horsey who took 80 Dirhams away from Freddie’s’ school fund yesterday when he got lucky over nine holes, before deciding to save a few minutes by changing queues. It worked, a quick check-in followed by a gentle stroll towards immigration.

Horse, as he is known on tour, headed to the normal immigration line whereas I had the advantage of... MORE »

Rat tales

Posted: 21st February 2013

I have been loath to write about the first event of the year, the HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship, so frustrating was my finish. For those of you who missed it, I was on fire on Sunday to get myself into a winning position after 12 holes only for it all to fall away in an instant with a shocker on the 13th green.

Four putts from five feet up the hill - it's quite incredible what this game can throw in your face sometimes. I made a poor stroke on a two-footer down the hill on lightning fast greens. What can you do? Well what I did was knuckle down and finish with five pars for sixth place, a good week and... MORE »

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