Winds of Change in the Desert

Posted: 20th January 2009

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for clicking back to read my blog again, I hope I can keep you informed with a bit more regularity this season. I have no excuses this week with plenty of time on my hands after a missed cut in Abu Dhabi. Three years in a row now I have missed the cut easily, maybe it is a tournament I should be missing next year?

So what's been going on in my winter break? Well one piece of news is that after careful consideration I have decided to once again work with my old coach Clive Tucker. This was a tough decision to make as far as letting Jamie know of course as I enjoyed working with him over the last year but the convenience of Clive being just around the corner when I am home, along with the knowledge of how successful we have been together in the past led me to make this decision.

Jamie took the news well, and I am pleased to say that he got his own year under way in the best possible way when Anders Hansen won the Joburg Open last week. Great news for both of them obviously.

My good friend Paul Casey won this week though with a score of 21 under par, a score that no one thought probable on Wednesday during the pro-am when the wind blew and the course seemed like a monster. Obviously married life is suiting him after making an honest woman of Jocelyn in December.

As for my golf I would have to say my two months off had obviously taken its toll and I ended up at the end of the field unfortunately. However there were some encouraging signs, I drove the ball quite well on Friday which hopefully will stand me in good stead this week in Qatar. As I once heard Carl Mason say to a young rookie some thirteen years ago it is a marathon not a sprint.

No real news on the Jockey I might add, other than the fact that he has not had a hair cut in about six months, and along with the news that he has not been in the gym for two months he is not looking his best, however he assures me that he is following a new get ripped in 8 weeks work out program that he has seen in 'mid life crisis weekly', so by March he should look like the incredible hulk unless he gets himself to the barbers shop. Well hair salon in his case I guess.

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